• Nearly one million students will drop out before they graduate
  • 7,000 students drop out from school each day in our nation
  • The drop-out rate for Ohio is 20%
  • On any given day in Ohio, more than 3,200 children are waiting for adoptive families for permanent custody.
  • 91,000 children in Ohio are being raised by their grandparents.
  • 21,697 children were in ODJFS foster care placement in 2010.
  • 1,913 students suffered elements of depression
  • 956 students seriously considered suicide
  • 796 students made a suicide plan
  • 445 students attempted suicide

According to Jeremiah 29:11, we believe each student has a plan and a purpose for their life and we provide support along their journey, ONE STEP AT A TIME

Horses Helping People

Stepping Stones Ranch provides hope and healing to youth and their families to redeem the past, restore peace and renew hope for a brighter future, one step at a time.

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Residential Youth Ranch Opening Soon!
Posted on April 22, 2015

SSR Girl's Group Home (1)


Stepping Stones Ranch is in the process of opening their first Residential Youth Ranch for girls. The vision for Stepping Stones Ranch has recently become a reality, starting with the gift of the property located at 975 State Route 380 in Wilmington, Ohio. The next steps are to continue working on renovations needed in the 3,800 square ft. home which the property was able to provide. In addition to the home there are several barns and wonderful pasture space for the Equine Assisted Learning that Stepping Stones Ranch had started  in 2010.

To open the Residential Youth Ranch this summer there are many projects that need to be accomplished and approved in order to meet specific requirements through the State of Ohio. The home on the property will be licensed as a group home which will house up to 10 girls ranging from the ages of 6 to eighteen. These girls have been the victims of neglect, abandonment, and/or abuse. We have been able to work with many girls from the surrounding counties through the Juvenile Court System who are on probation due to status offenses. Some examples of status offenses are curfew violations, skipping school, or unruly behavior charges. The Residential Youth Ranch will provide a home school model in the home which will allow each girl to catch up on their work and receive more one-on-one guidance. The girls will also participate in individual and group Equine Assisted Learning programs, along with learning how to do many other life skills like how to cook, do laundry, sewing and gardening. The girls will also be part of taking care of the twelve horses and learning how to be respectful and responsible.

According to Jeremiah 29:11, we believe that each student has a plan and a purpose for their life and we want to provide support along their journey, one step at a time. Stepping Stones Ranch wants to help local families in the community stay together and succeed as a family. SSR wants to teach the girls who have been unable to experience or live in a healthy, supportive home environment how to change and break the family cycle. The Residential Youth Ranch is designed to feel like a home which is overseen by live in house parents who are there for the girls every day.

There are many projects and tasks that need to be finished in order to open the doors this Summer. Stepping Stones Ranch would like to ask for your support in helping the vision become a reality so that we can help girls from Southwest Ohio and beyond turn their lives around towards a brighter future.  The Ranch is in need of maintenance supplies, gently used or new home furnishings, and financial support. We have a matching donor challenge up to $20,000 so every dollar donated gets doubled.

If you can help please contact Stepping Stones Ranch at 937-289-0100.